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Hamman Fiat 500
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24/09/2015 01:24 Comments 0 Comments
 Seeing a Lamborghini Huracan on the street is still exciting, but for the rich "kids" at the Dubai or Monaco playgrounds a standard model isn't enough. German tuners DMC have already released several projects targeting the Huracan and adding everything from larger wings to a lot more power. However, this is their best work yet. It's called the DMC Lamborghini Huracan E-GT and may be [...]

23/09/2015 20:20 Comments 0 Comments
It's hard in this day and age for a tuner to come up with something original and effective, but DMC seems able to pull it off. [...]
23/09/2015 02:00 Comments 0 Comments
With all things being equal, these two McLarens aren't all that different when accelerating in a straight line. The newer 650S will however pull away as long as there's nothing up the 12C's sleeve.[...]
23/09/2015 02:00 Comments 0 Comments
No, HP doesn't stand for Hennessey Performance here, but for German tuning outfit Haefner Performance that have conjured a new workout formula for Audi's previous TT RS.[...]
22/09/2015 23:59 Comments 0 Comments
   The German auto tuners Startech have their hands full this year. Not only do they now play with Bentleys and other goodies, but the Land Rover Discover Sport is also right up their alley. Considering the Discovery Sport competes for the same customers as popular SUVs like the BMW X3 and Audi Q5, demand...[...]
21/09/2015 07:17 Comments 0 Comments


One of the best ways to determine that a car has reached mainstream acceptance is the arrival of the tuners, and for electric cars that moment may have arrived. German tuner Brabus, known for hot-rod versions of Mercedes and Smart vehicles, has turned its attention to the 2015 Tesla Model S. Brabus revealed its Zero Emissions range of Model S upgrades at Frankfurt. While many electric cars would seem unlikely recipients for tuning upgrades, the Model S has already turned heads thanks to its luxury-class ride and ultra-high-performance ?Ludicrous Mode.?[...]

19/09/2015 15:37 Comments 0 Comments

No matter how fast and well-rounded a car is, there will always be those who want to make it faster and? uh? rounder. Take the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT for instance ? by all accounts an outstanding sports car with a powerful and sonorous V-8 under its long hood and spot-on looks. It?s a car just about any of us would love to have in our driveways, and Mercedes-AMG have spent hundreds or millions of dollars and invested countless man hours to make sure that?s the case. So, you sort of have to give the side-eye glance to tuning outfits claiming they can improve upon the product of a multi-billion-dollar multi-national corporation.[...]

18/09/2015 23:21 Comments 0 Comments
The Japanese seem to be very fond of all exotic cars that aren?t necessarily car-like in their design? [...]

18/09/2015 20:19 Comments 0 Comments
What makes this Bentley Flying Spur different from other tuner Bentleys? The fact it?s a Mansory. [...]

18/09/2015 19:19 Comments 0 Comments
I can still remember scrolling through my 1996 issue of Auto Tuning Katalog and looking at Zender parts for Fiats and Alfa Romeos. They looked pretty cool, but not like the Alfa Romeo 4C they've customized this month. Because everybody is preoccupied with the Frankfurt Motor Show, and they don't follow Zender on Facebook anyway, the project has gone unnoticed... until now. Mind you, the base 4C is a st...
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