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15/09/2015 16:08 Comments 0 Comments
Having made a name for itself with its Mercedes-Benz and Smart tunes, Brabus now wants a piece of the Tesla Model S cake.[...]

14/09/2015 01:20 Comments 0 Comments
The style of bolting on fender flare extenders, as popularized by Japan?s Rocket Bunny or Liberty Walk, is now reproduced by many tuners around the world. Germany's Ingo Noak Tuning supplies a rather nice looking set for the previous-gen VW Golf GTI, for instance.[...]
12/09/2015 16:00 Comments 0 Comments
You might be tempted to think that the mid-life facelift of the Audi A6 family only targets the headlights and a few small details. However, engineers changed about half of the engines and installed a twin-clutch auto instead of the CVT. As a result, German tuner ABT Sportsline decided to take a second look at the mid-size sedan and wagon. The results were presented today ahead of the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. [...]

12/09/2015 02:47 Comments 0 Comments
The new Ford Mustang EcoBoost has caught the attention of the aftermarket specialists at Shelby American, who decided to offer a tuning kit for the four-cylinder model.[...]
12/09/2015 00:46 Comments 0 Comments
Say hello again to this Evotech Stage 2 M6, packing 800 HP and not afraid to use them against a lesser opponent. In this case, a 550 HP Custom Stage 2 BMW M4.[...]
11/09/2015 13:36 Comments 0 Comments
For most people, Mercedes-AMG GT S? output of 510PS (503hp) is more than enough, but Brabus? customers aren?t ?most people?. This is why the German tuner will bring to the Frankfurt Motor Show an upgraded GT S model with 600PS (592hp), as well as enhanced styling and equipment features.[...]
11/09/2015 03:28 Comments 0 Comments
Truth be told, Mansory is a ?love it or hate it? kind of tuning firm, even though it comes up with some awesome stuff from time to time. Like this Tesla Model S, for instance.[...]

10/09/2015 13:22 Comments 0 Comments
Over in Japan, everybody is tuning the Toyota GT 86, but the Europeans only like to play with the Golf GTI. We now even have a German version of the famous Rocket Bunny widebody kit. It comes from Ingo Noak Tuning, a company from Lusselsfeld that very few people know about. For taking the old Golf 6 GTI and giving it new life, they deserve a medal. The widebody kit works just like the one from Japan. It consists ...[...]
09/09/2015 01:55 Comments 0 Comments
After watching this video, one thing will be abundantly clear to everyone, and it has nothing to do with the Bimmer's Stage 2 Evotech upgrade or the old Audi R8 V10 S-Tronic.[...]

05/09/2015 20:56 Comments 0 Comments
Even if this is yet another "tuned car vs stock" drag race, the actual result is very conclusive and demonstrates the difference between a 2005 and a 2015 supercar. [...]

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