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Hamman Fiat 500

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Bullet Catalogs
  - Pakfeifer Carstyling for VW
  - MTM Motoring

Bullet News
  - German Tuner Gives VW Golf GTI 6 Bolt-On Wheelarches
  - JMS Adds A Touch Of Individualism To The Passat
  - ABT Sportsline Gives VW Golf R 400PS And A Very Green Wrap
  - Slammed VW Scirocco R with 370PS is as Minty Fresh as They Come
  - VW Scirocco R Receives Diamond Black Matte Wrap [Photo Gallery]
  - The Coolest VW Golf 4 Ever: Cartoons, Velvet and Mercedes Wheels
  - VW Golf 7 Gets Body Kit from RDX [Photo Gallery]
  - VW Golf GTI Gets Boost and Wrap from BBM
  - VW Passat CC Gets Camouflage Wrap and Tech Tuning from KBR Motorsport
  - VW Beetle 2.0 TDI Tuned by ABT
  - VW Golf Cabriolet Touched by Schmidt Revolution
  - Bagged VW Golf R32 on HRE Wheels
  - ABT VW Beetle Gets 240 HP
  - Watch a VW Sirocco R Chase a Ford Focus RS on the Nürburgring Track
  - Superchips Remaps VW Polo GTI
  - CFC Golf GTI Has Pink and Comic Book Wrap? [Photo Gallery]
  - 2012 Volkswagen Beetle by B&B Delivers 320 HP
  - VW Golf GTI Mk V Tuned by Schmidt Revolution
  - Schmidt Revolution Upgrades VW Golf GTI MkV to 275-Horses
  - Volkswagen Multivan Business Available with GTI Engine
  - Delta 4x4 VW Amarok Beast Off-Road Kit Introduced
  - Wide-body kit for the VW Touareg by JE Design
  - JE Design Widebody Kit for VW Touareg R-Line
  - 650 hp VW Golf Daily Driver [Photo Gallery]
  - 362 HP VW Golf GTI Edition 35 by B&B
  - ABT Sportsline has 2012 VW Tiguan SUV on its Sights
  - Siemoneit Racing's VW Golf R Black Pearl with up to 530HP
  - Abt Speedle preview renderings released
  - ABT Kicks Off 2012 VW Beetle Tuning Party with the Speedle
  - ABT Announces 2012 Beetle Customization Project
  - Hofele Design Unveils VW Touareg Royal GT 470
  - VW GTI Reifnitz with 370HP presented in Wörthersee 2011
  - KBR Motorsport Targets the Volkswagen Passat CC
  - Oettinger Remaps VW Group's 1.6 TDI Engine
  - CFC Shows Pimped Out Volkswagen Beetle
  - MR Car Design VW Transporter T5 Released
  - VW Golf R and GTI Cabriolet Concepts revealed in Wörthersee
  - VW Releases Golf GTI Edition 35 Specs and Price, Says it gets a Detuned Version of the Golf R?s Engine [with Video]
  - VW Passat CC tuned by KBR Motorsport
  - It?s a Wrap: CFC?s Artsy Volkswagen New Beetle Convertible
  - VW T5 by MR Car Design
  - VW Touareg II widebody by JE Design
  - VW Scirocco by CSR Automotive
  - Volkswagen Touran by MR Car Design
  - VW Touareg by JE Design
  - Worthersee 2010 Video from Low-Familia
  - VW Golf R by Mcchip
  - Volkswagen Scirocco by RDX Racedesign
  - Worthersee Tour 2010 Teaser
  - VW Golf VI R by Sport-Wheels

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ELMIA 2011
Chevrolet Matiz 550hp
Lamborghini Gallardo Twin Turbo - Jonah's Underground Racing TTG Dyno 1500whp

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