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28/02/2014 13:04 Comments 0 Comments

This Guy Makes The World's Best SUVs

That headline makes a bold statement, but I think I can stand by it. Icon is building (or, really, re-building) the world's best SUVs. They're expensive as hell, sure, and they're not the most luxurious or advanced or anything like that. They're simply made better than almost anything I've ever seen.

Tags SUV Facebook Twetter
28/02/2014 12:03 Comments 0 Comments

The 203-HP Jota Mazda MX-5 GT Is A Miata Worth Moving To England For

It looks like the current Mazda Miata is going out with a bang. Before the NC gets replaced by a new roadster co-developed with Alfa Romeo, British enthusiasts will have access to a hotted up version with some tasty BRZ-fighting power. The only problem is it won't be cheap.

28/02/2014 11:03 Comments 0 Comments

The Ten Most Ostentatious Car Upgrades Of All Time

If you thought your neighbor's stanced Subaru was obnoxious, prepare to have your mind blown.

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28/02/2014 11:03 Comments 0 Comments

This Twin-Turbo, Mac-Equipped Mercedes Luxury Sedan Is A 'Land Jet'

You're familiar with the term "land yacht" to describe huge, old, floaty American cars. The world's super-wealthy have a new class of vehicle. I'm calling it the Land Jet, and it's typified by the new 850 horsepower BRABUS S Class.

27/02/2014 21:35 Comments 0 Comments
    Overwriting Restrictions Placed on the Engine  If you want your car to perform at its maximum potential you can get your car tuned to take off these restrictions, and this is with ECU remapping. There will be an engine control unit which is a computer in the car that can be altered or remapped to lift these restrictions, and this is done by specialists that overwrite the software on the ECU with new software. Once you have this done you will immediately notice the difference once you get behind the wheel, and you will love the improvements that have been made and how your car really is now a high performance vehicle that has no restrictions with a much better driving experience.     Remapping Carried out by Specialists  Many people are unaware of these restrictions that are placed on vehicles or they think that ECU remapping is dangerous, but this is certainly not the case and can easily be carried out by specialists such as ECU Flash Limited. When you get your vehicle remapped it will become more powerful, get rid of flat spots, give more torque, have better throttle response plus plenty more benefits, and it will feel like driving a new, upgraded model once it has been completed. It is a simple, easy and straightforward process for the remapping specialists, and this means that you do not have to worry about your vehicle in any way, and before long you will be behind the wheel again and able to enjoy driving it restriction free.Unlock your Cars Potential with ECU Remapping

When you are out on some open road in your high performance car you will want to take advantage of your vehicle and not be restricted at all, but there will be some restrictions on your car which are stopping you from doing this. The engine in your car will still be very powerful, but it will have been detuned by the manufacturer, and the reason for this is because in different countries where the car is sold there will be different laws and restrictions, climates, different qualities of fuel plus lots of other variables, so they need to make sure that the vehicle is suitable for use around the world. You can see why car manufacturers need to do this, but it also means that your vehicle is not performing to its maximum potential.

02/09/2013 14:16 Comments 0 Comments

Mercedes Benz E63 AMG S-Model You would think that a surge in tuning programs over the past month would be enough for an aftermarket company to slow down, relax, and enjoy the spoils of its new products.

But some companies, like Wheelsandmore, don’t believe in the concept of being idle. Maybe that’s why it doesn’t take them long enough to get back to work, as shown by its newest aftermarket project.

This one is for the Mercedes E63 AMG S-Model and it has since been fitted with the German tuner’s popular "Seven-11" program.

As is always the case when it comes to a Wheelsandmore program, the aftermarket company doesn’t like wasting time building programs for cars that only went on sale a few months ago. That’s the case with the E63 AMG S-Model, a vehicle Mercedes touted as a suitable replacement for its former AMG Performance Package.[...]

02/09/2013 14:16 Comments 0 Comments

Saleen George Follmer Edition Mustang

When Saleen promised a major reveal this weekend at Laguna Seca, speculation ran rampant that a successor to the mighty S7 was waiting to be introduced.

Well, we didn’t get that, which is a tad disappointing, but what we did get was an equally surprising announcement in the form of the Saleen Heritage Collection, a limited edition series of specially designed muscle cars that pays tribute to the top five drivers that raced in the Mission Bell race at Riverside International Raceway back in October 1970.

The first two vehicles of this Heritage collection were actually released a few years ago - the Saleen Parnelli Jones Ediiton and the Dan Gurney Edition - and now, the next three will be dropped in succeeding order beginning with the unveiling of the Saleen George Follmer Edition Mustang, followed by the Mark Donohue Edition Camaro, and the Swede Savage Edition Barracuda.[...]

02/09/2013 14:16 Comments 0 Comments

Galpin GTR1

Galpin Auto Sports pulled back the tight black car cover today on the eagerly anticipated 2013 Galpin GTR1 hypercar. Sitting on the grass of Pebble Beach right next to McLaren and across from Ferrari, the GTR1 has some big shoes to fill this weekend. Luckily, it’s a futuristic rocket of a supercar with a carbon-fiber shell over a mid-mounted, twin-turbocharged V-8 producing 1,024 horsepower.

Yessir, you read that right. And that is the conservative range of possibilities, with race gas taking the power count well past 1,200 horsepower. The original quoted number is the most elegant however, as it matches this exotic beauty’s $1,024,000 price tag. $1,000 per horsepower seems fair looking at the slinky GTR1 in the sunshine.[...]

02/09/2013 14:16 Comments 0 Comments

Land Rover Defender 90 - Chelsea Wide Track By Kahn Design

Kahn Design has revealed the styling of their latest Land Rover Defender 90 up-fit, which includes a comprehensive exterior and interior makeover and the Chelsea Wide Track name. The Kahn personalization options list is immense, with near limitless combinations of paints, tweeds and leathers to camouflage this classic off-road machine in urban war paint.

Ever the victim of aggressive personalization, the Defender is still trendy because of how impractical and hilariously uncomfortable it is to drive. The mechanicals for Kahn’s extreme makeover stay the same as the stock model, aside from some light engine enhancements to the 2.2-liter turbo diesel and of course the giant wheel/tire/spring package.

These vehicles are part of a new co-branding effort between Kahn Design and the Chelsea Truck Company. Forming what must be the most absurdly wordy name in history, the truck is best referred to as the Chelsea Defender. Offered in the 90 or 110-inch body styles, the Chelsea Defender offers some tasteful and some not-so-tasteful ways for customers to part with their cash.[...]

02/09/2013 13:16 Comments 0 Comments


When you have a car that’s already considered the most powerful sedan in the world, it seems that some people would think that any additional performance upgrade is just overkill.

But don’t tell that to GAD-Motors because it has a habit of doing just that. And no, we don’t belong in that group who believes that more power equates to less appeal. In fact, we skew more toward the opposite train of thought.

The Mercedes C63 AMG-based Brabus Bullit already packs a whopping 720 horsepower under its hood. That’s a lot, by any stretch of the imagination.

But in all its awesomeness, GAD-Motors wants more out of the Bullit and like the enterprising aftermarket company that it is, the tuner went and did just that, fitting the Bullit with an assortment of performance modifications, including upgrades to the turbochargers and intercoolers to go with a new custom air box and new injectors. The result, believe it or not, is a C-Class that packs a whopping 894 horsepower and 1,047 pound-feet of torque.[...]

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