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14/01/2009 09:17 Comments 0 Comments

Project Kahn, the famous car-tuner, is at it again and his latest creation is a styling package for the handling god, the Lotus Elise. The goal of the transformation is to make yourself noticed in the world with your pimped Lotus Elise.

The car has been fitted with a full aerodynamic body styling package that helps the car produce even more downforce. The front spoiler, ventilated front wings, side sills, rear spoiler and large side intake ducts have all been modified to make the...
14/01/2009 09:17 Comments 0 Comments

Aston Martin fans and owners can now rest assured as the hugely popular Sport Pack option is now available for the 4.3 liter V8 Vantage. The Sport Pack enhances the existing Aston Martin engine from 4.3 liters to 4.7, a change that will probably not make much of a difference considering the fact that you already are developing enormous power.

With the upgrade to the engine, the power is increased by 20 hp to a maximum of 400, while torque is increased by 10 Nm to a maximum of 420 ...
14/01/2009 09:17 Comments 0 Comments

We all know Bentley, the exquisite car manufacturer that produces the fabulous Continental series. Both sporty and luxurious at the same time, the Bentley Continental GT Speed and the Flying Spur Speed can easily put hair on your chest with their massive acceleration that could probably jump-start a dead planet.

However, this is an opinion not shared by Renntech's president Hartmut Feyhl. He's company took the two luxury super cars and made them even more mind blowing.

14/01/2009 09:17 Comments 0 Comments

Good news for all the tree huggers out there because some dudes at AutoLabo that watched Star Wars for too long made an Imperial Trooper version of the Toyota Prius.

The Prius now looks like a squashed bug, ready to take 5 troopers into the next millennium while being green. The kit includes a front bumper, a new set of side sills, a new set of wheel covers for better aerodynamics, a carbon fiber rear roof spoiler, a redesigned rear bumper with integrated air diffuser and a new ex...
14/01/2009 09:17 Comments 0 Comments

Nissan decided to make some in-house tuning with their newly released 370Z, so they turned to Nismo to give it a sportier look.

There are two different goodies to be offered, one is the S-Tune Aero package which makes the car look like a fish, and the other is the S-Tune Performance line that makes the Nissan go faster.

The first aerodynamic pack consists of a newly designed front and rear bumper spoilers, side skirts and a trunk wing. All these look-at me gadgets m...
14/01/2009 09:17 Comments 0 Comments

Mugen are quick to make tuning kits and we can see that because they released an all new one for the fresh out of the box new Honda Accord.

They presented a grey car with a meaty body upgrade that makes the car more massive in a sporty manner. This new creation is also available for the Tourer (station-wagon) variants of the vehicle and the looks make this car worth having.

On the outside there is a full body kit that contains front and rear under spoilers, 'aero' b...
14/01/2009 09:17 Comments 0 Comments

Two famous tuners, one German and the other British, united their forces to conceive what we can describe as a very mean Mercedes S-class.

The two culprits are Project Kahn and Lorinser and the end result is stunning, because you might just frighten yourself if, by chance, you happen to see the beast roaming the streets.

What Kahn did was to take a set of wheels, RSL 9 X 21 matte black at the front and 10.5 X 21 at the rear, and then redesigned the interior with be...
14/01/2009 09:17 Comments 0 Comments

Maserati unveiled a new series of go faster goodies for all their beautiful vehicles. Just like Ferrari who has the One To One Personalisation Programme, the glamorous firm launched the MC Sport Line yesterday at the Bologna Motor Show.

Maserati have presented their kits on a white Maserati GrandTurismo S and if you have such a car or just a simple GrandTurismo you can start ordering these bits and pieces in early 2009. Exterior kits include front and rear carbon fiber spoilers, s...
13/01/2009 22:52 Comments 0 Comments

AMG are three innocent letters that when added to the tail end of a Mercedes mean evil performance. AMG has kept Mercedes competitive in performance cars no matter the competition by making sure the tri-star brand always had plenty of power. But that could change. AMG is actively pursing a lower emissions policy for its future cars, the company has confirmed. “The horsepower war is over,” said AMG boss Volker Mornhinweg. But don't think Merc's in-house tuner has gone soft. AMG is now.

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13/01/2009 22:52 Comments 0 Comments

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