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12/05/2015 21:12 Comments 0 Comments
New Audi TT Roadster by ABTYou have to love German tuners for their ability to make everything fast as schnell. [...]

12/05/2015 02:09 Comments 0 Comments
If you're into tuned Mustangs, then you're in luck. The aftermarket scene never disappoints when it comes to Ford's stallion, especially if we're talking about high-powered modified versions of it. With players like Saleen, Hennessey and, the new challenger, Roush, there's never a shortage of options.[...]
11/05/2015 15:05 Comments 0 Comments
We still remember quite vividly how Volkswagen last year revealed a 400 horsepower Golf R concept at a major auto show in China. Extracting that much power from a 2-liter turbo engine seemed insane, but a few months ago, the German automaker revealed a production model may arrive in 2016. What does that have to do with anything? Well, the Chinese loved the super-Golf that they decided not to wait. A local tuning company called ASPEC took ...[...]
09/05/2015 17:51 Comments 0 Comments
At first, we were reluctant to show you this Audi TT Roadster tuned by ABT because we thought the parts were the same as on the coupe. However, upon closer inspection we realized that the little rocket looked stunning in every way, and so it deserves a moment under the spotlight. Launched in Europe last year, the TT Roadster is a bit heavier, slower and more expensive than its coupe brother. Cargo capacity is also compromised, and you don... [...]
07/05/2015 22:37 Comments 0 Comments
We're still waiting Ford to release official output specs for the Shelby GT350 and GT350R, but for now the automaker wants to talk about the advanced suspension tuning on the two cars.[...]
07/05/2015 20:36 Comments 0 Comments
Looking for a small French car with a big personality? How about the new Citroen C1, which is bold and effervescent? However, the tuning specialists at Musketier thought it needed extra sportiness. All for one and one for all! The C1 is mechanically identical to the Toyota Aygo we tested a few weeks ago. That means i... [...]
07/05/2015 15:34 Comments 0 Comments
The 2-liter TSI/TFSI developed for MQB performance vehicles is responsible for numerous hair-raising moments. We've seen track battles between the AWD Golf R and the FWD Leon Cupra, as well as Golf GTIs that can humiliate V8 Mustangs. However, we're more interested in the true performance potential of the engine today. Tuners like ABT and MTM have taken the 2-liter turbo to the 400 PS mark, but Abu Dhabi shop PP-Performance just... [...]
07/05/2015 03:29 Comments 0 Comments
If you want to turn the obnoxiousness dial to eleven on your new Mercedes S63 AMG, you can take it to Brabus and have them make it much louder and more powerful than you really need.

The tuner offers the 850 pack which is called that based on the horsepower the car makes after the modifications.[...]
07/05/2015 01:28 Comments 0 Comments
Vilner continues to impress in the tuning business offering plenty of bespoke automotive eye candy.[...]
06/05/2015 19:22 Comments 0 Comments
Tracking down a Japanese tuning project is always hard work, since their language isn't all that Google-friendly. But this Nissan GT-R made by Skipper Tuning is totally worth all the work we had to put in. In January 2015, this metallic blue machine was the subject of an extensive photo shoot organized by American wheel specialists Vossen. They traveled to Yokohama and just like us, they were amazed by the complexity of the Skipper b... [...]

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