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Heffner Performance Twin Turbo Murcielago
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Heffner Performance Twin Turbo MurcielagoAuthor: admin
Date: 10/09/2009 17:18
After several long months of development we have completed our twin turbo Murcielago. As of August 2009 we have tuned the car up to 1 bar of boost which resulted in just over 1100 RWHP. For now we are playing around with the car at various boost levels and documenting the differences in performance with our trusty V Box.
In 90 degree heat the car pulled off a 5.10 second 60-130 at around 950 RWHP. For reference a stock 580 horsepower Murcielago takes around 9.5 seconds to make the leap from 60 to 130.
With a little more boost it will dip into the 4 second range for sure.
The Heffner Twin Turbo Murcielago is an absolute blast to drive and sounds like nothing we have ever heard.
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