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08/08/2012 12:01 Comments 0 Comments
F430 Wrapped in LeatherIf you want to buy a luxury automobile, you can basically do this in two ways. Either you go for an exotic supercar, or you buy a big Bentley or Rolls, filled with leather from a hundred cows hides. But why can’t you have both? This car needs no introduction, as it’s already famous in the luxury car business. It’s the Ferrari F430 that’s been wrapped in real leather by the French company Dartz. It m... [...]
08/08/2012 12:01 Comments 0 Comments
Carlsson Mercedes CGL 45 Royal EditionSinche China became the world’s largest auto market, it was only natural that the country would also start having its own tuners that would create products that can cater to the specific needs of Chinese customers. We are here now to give an example of that, which comes in the form of the Carlsson 2012 Mercedes-Benz GL 45 Royal Last Edition. Carlsson is an ex-German tuner, but the 70 percent of the company’s stakes now... [...]
08/08/2012 12:01 Comments 0 Comments
VW Golf GTI from BBMTo be honest, the Golf GTI Mk6 has been with us for a while, and we’re not surprised to see power kits that take it all the way up to 310 or so horsepower. So with only 275 horsepower on tap, this one doesn’t manage to impress us all that much. In fact, as a 3-door, the GTI isn’t all that impressive to look, not while considering the Scirocco. But we’re not going to be Debbie Downers about it, becau... [...]
08/08/2012 12:01 Comments 0 Comments
Porsche Panamera on Deviant WheelsThe Porsche Panamera’s shape makes it a perfect car for aftermarket developers to play with and what could change its aspect more, without costing a fortune, if not a set of custom rims? The latest rolling gift for the Panamera comes from US specialist Deviant Wheels, which has fitted the car with its DV8.2 rims. These come in a 22x9.5-inch size for the front axle and in a 22x11.5-inch size for the rear one. [...]
08/08/2012 11:01 Comments 0 Comments
Porsche Cayman   In case you’re not familiar with Star Wars wiki, we’ll tell you that stormtroopers represent a clone army originally created for the Republic using the genes of a bounty hunter. The fell under the control of the sith lord and conquered the galaxy under Darth Vader. These emblematic warriors of the pulse rifle have also had an impact on the tuning world, as their costumes, or rather the colors of their costumes, created... [...]
08/08/2012 11:01 Comments 0 Comments
2013 Nissan GT-R on Strasse WheelsThe Nissan GT-R is a perfect car to use as a display for a set of custom wheels, as its robotic appearance can assure one that the wheels it rolls on will receive plenty of attention everyday. Tuners are well aware of Godzilla’s potential and the latest company to take advantage of this is Strasse Forged Wheels, which has played with a 2013 GT-R via its distributor Superior Automotive Design. The supe... [...]
08/08/2012 11:01 Comments 0 Comments
Dodge Challenger on Forgiato WheelsThe muscle car and vehicle customization cultures go hand in hand, so when we heard about a Dodge Challenger that had had its connection to the road redefined in order to gain an over-the-top look, we really wanted to know the whole story. The project comes from Spade Made - Livin Kustom, a company based on Cincinnati, Ohio, which used a 2010 Challenger as a starting point. The muscle car was gifted with Forgiato Wheels coming in a 26-inc... [...]
08/08/2012 11:01 Comments 0 Comments
Maybach 57s in Matte WhiteThe Maybach brand may be defunct, but its uber-luxurious creations will stay with us for a while and we’re here to show you the latest development on this topic, which, of course, is part of the custom car world. This comes from the US, where wheel specialist Forgiato has gifted a Maybach 57s with a set of its rolling goodies. The car, which uses a matte white finish, rides on Forgiato Concavo wheels, whic huse a white center an... [...]
08/08/2012 10:01 Comments 0 Comments
Panamera by Anderson GermanyDusseldoft tuning company has kicked up the proverbial storm across the Internet with its tuning package for the Porsche Panamera, which is fittingly calls the White Storm. We’ll say right off the bat that there are things we don’t like about the car, but the white carbon fiber interior is simply amazing. The cosmetic changes are underpinned by Anderson’s body kit, which adds a vented hood, an aerodynamic apr... [...]
08/08/2012 10:01 Comments 0 Comments
Fifty 5ive 4TeenUS wheel specialist Fifty 5ive has become one of the most active companies in its field, as we’ve been constantly receiving new releases from them over the last few months and now it is time for a new one. Fifty 5ive is introducing the fresh 4Teen-FF wheels, with the name standing for “Flow Form”. The rims use a complex five-spoke design, but this doesn’t take things too far from the stling point of... [...]

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