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19/03/2014 12:59 Comments 0 Comments
We rarely, if ever, recommend one particular tuner or customizer, but if you really want a 100% original interior for your car the best place to go is Carlex Design. The guys have been on our radar for a couple of years and every time the released something we brought it to your attention. Their steampunk MINI is our all-time favorite, but this project outshines even that one. Crocodile leather interiors are nothing new. The Russians at T... 
19/03/2014 11:59 Comments 0 Comments
Here at autoevolution, we like to use and abuse the “opulence, I has it” catchphrase as much as humanly possible, but even we have to admit it’s never worked as well as it’s going to today. You see, that phrase comes from a commercial about a Russian oligarch who has a gold statue of himself and a very rare tiny giraffe and if he drove a car, it would probably be this one. German tuning company Carl...
05/03/2014 22:00 Comments 0 Comments
 As soon as you make a modification to your vehicle you will immediately find it difficult to get insured, and that is because a lot of insurance companies will struggle assessing the value of the car. As well as this, insurers may also feel that because your vehicle has been upgraded it means that it is of higher theft risk and also that the drivers may be higher risk, but this is a misunderstanding on their part. You will generally find that those who modify their cars are actually of lower risk, and this is because they are enthusiasts who have a passion for their automobile, and this means that they will care for it more than your average driver would for their car. If you are struggling to find insurance for your modified car then you do not need to worry though, as there are insurers that recognise this and have expertise in car modification.
05/03/2014 21:39 Comments 0 Comments
The guys from Duke Dynamics have decided to bring the freshly unveiled Huracan a new “skin” and created the Minotauro styling package. It appears that this new kit will incorporate some interesting stylistics upgrades but no power ones. We’ll only be seeing redesigned front and rear bumpers, a completely new set that comes with a diffuser as well as an optional carbon lip spoiler. ... 
05/03/2014 21:39 Comments 0 Comments
   Late Model Restoration has announced the introduction of brand new front control arms for the third-generation Ford Mustang. Available for $349.99, the kit includes both the left and right hand control arm with rubber bushings and ball joints pre-installed for a bolt on replacement. The parts are made from stamped steel, just like OE arms, and can be ordered as we speak. The front lower control arm kit fits just... 
05/03/2014 21:39 Comments 0 Comments
   The 2.4 TDCI Khan Land Rover Defender we saw earlier may look more modern and cooler than the standard car, but if you want the hardcore version, you should start saving some money because Kahn and Chelsea Truck Company (CTC) are currently working on another Defender-sourced beast...
05/03/2014 21:39 Comments 0 Comments
The Land Rover Defender is a true off-roading icon, it kept its unmistakable classic lines until today gaining the same reputation as the Mercedes-Benz G-Glass. Land Rover teased us with a new Defender concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show - the DC100 - but the ...
05/03/2014 21:39 Comments 0 Comments

This Mercedes S-Class Was Painted With 1,000 Sheets Of Gold Leaf

I'm not talking about any paint or wrap this time as the Carlsson CS50 Versailles is indeed adorned with more than 1,000 sheets of wafer-thin gold leaf. It takes 200 man hours and a squirrel-hair brush to achieve such class. And it's going to China, of course.

05/03/2014 21:39 Comments 0 Comments

A Tuner Named 'Nimrod' Ruined Two Ferrari 458s And A Lamborghini

Mansory is getting soft nowadays and even the most outrageous German tuner creations seem tasteful after you've witnessed what Slovakian company Nimrod has to offer at Geneva.

05/03/2014 21:39 Comments 0 Comments

This Ferrari Is Not An F40

If you had a Ferrari Testarossa back in 1989 but wanted the performance and the looks of Enzo's last child, the F40, all you needed to do is ring up Lotec . Those crazy Bavarians could help.

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