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Why Pneumatic Tools are Better than Electric
Date 05/03/2014 21:27  Author admin  Hits 3430  Language Global
If you fancy yourself as a bit of a handyman or mechanic then you will need a garage full of all the best tools, as this will allow you to take on any job on your car. Some of the best and most reliable tools to have which will allow you to take on most jobs are air powered tools, and these bring many advantages over electric. Firstly there is no motor with air powered tools, and this makes them a lot more manageable and easy to work with, and you can also get more torque with these tools making the work faster as well. Air powered tools, or pneumatic tools as they are also known, are generally a lot smaller than electric tools too, which makes it easier to work in tough conditions and get the job done properly, and there are also no cables that you have to worry about as well.

There are all kinds of air tools that can be used on your car or for other purposes, and these include an air drill, cut off tool, high speed grinder, ratchet, sand blaster, angle  grinder, spray gun, die grinder plus plenty more. In order for all of these tools to work though you will need an air compressor, and these work by turning your engine power into compressed air which can be used to power these tools. This compressed air will go into a tank, and then a switch will automatically go off once the working pressure has been reached, and this is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI).

Different Sized Tanks

Available You can get air compressors that vary in tank size, and the size that you want will depend on which tools you will need the compressor to run. There is a cubic feet per minute (CFM) requirement that each tool will have, and once you know this you will know what size tank will work for you. For a wide range of tank sizes the best place to visit would be an engineering specialist, SGS Engineering for example, as places like this carry a wide range of top quality compressors in different sizes. Air tools are the best kind you can get and make completing any kind of modification work much easier and more efficient than with electric tools, and they are great for those that like to do some DIY on their cars as well as for professionals use too.
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