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25/04/2013 21:26 Comments 0 Comments


This weekend we featured a story from guest contributor Max Prince about the "Coyote," the tire-murdering "battle axe" built from spare parts at Missouri tuner shop Nocturnal Motorsports.

Both the car ? a tube frame rig powered by a 280-horsepower Nissan SR20DET engine and weighing in at a mere 1,400 pounds ? and the story were a big hit with you guys.

But at the same time, more than a few of you asked this question: "Where's the video?" Well, asked and answered. In case you weren't completely convinced of the Coyote's awesomeness, check out this video he just sent us.

The car's fabricator, Mike O'Mara, grabbed a GoPro and recorded some backroad hoonage at his family farm, Max tells me. The result is video evidence of how great/terrifying the homemade speed machine is.

Would you go for a ride in the Coyote?[...]

25/04/2013 21:26 Comments 0 Comments

Bits of rubber and gravel rocks are pelting me. The January cold is mercilessly whipping me from head to toe. Tears are streaming down my face. All of the sudden, that Top Gear episode where Clarkson has his face ripped off by an Ariel Atom is profoundly less funny. I'm riding shotgun in one of the wildest vehicles you'll ever see, and my only thought is one usually reserved for triathletes and WWI fighter pilots: "Damn, I really wish I would have worn goggles."

What in the world is this thing? It's certainly not some backyard spit-mobile thrown together by a kid with a pint of Jack and a MIG welder. No, this is a legitimate automobile, carefully assembled by master fabricator and BMW technician Mike O'Mara, who calls this feral beast "The Coyote."

"We got so sick of people talking about that honey badger YouTube video," Mike told me before we went out on a test drive, "Everyone was saying 'Oh, the honey badger don't care about this!' and ?Oh the honey badger don't care about that!' We looked it up online and do you know what honey badgers hate? Coyotes."[...]

25/04/2013 21:26 Comments 0 Comments

It was probably the cocaine that turned the performance oriented tuning scene of the seventies into something very different a decade later. Or David Hasselhoff's hairy chest.

Either way, what came after the Oil Crisis is something that would even shock even the infamous tuners of today. Like Justin Bieber . Gullwing, Gold and Gadgets from Germany. But fear not, other nations like Great Britain were not far behind. Even the Swiss had a go at being the most extravagant. They still do sometimes .

What's your favorite terrible '80s Euro Tuner car?[...]

25/04/2013 21:26 Comments 0 Comments


We've seen a number of matte-black camera cars before, but never a Panamera. This one even has a little tail gunner hatch in the back and we can't get over how cool it is.

The car was spotted by a Rennlist reader in LA last week. We want one.

We're not sure what company uses this Panamera for filming, but it looks like it was wrapped by Premier Wraps in Hollywood. Their site describes the build.[...]

06/01/2013 18:16 Comments 0 Comments
Mazda 6 at Tokyo Auto SalonJapanese carmaker Mazda is heading to the 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon next month with three really cool versions of the new ‘6’ sedan and wagon. The first of the three tuning concepts is the Mazda6 Racer that is based on the six-speed manual sedan. It and the Mazda6 Wagon Grand Touring are fitted with an aggressive body kit with sporty black accent peaces for the lower bumpers and side skirts. The ... [...]
06/01/2013 18:16 Comments 0 Comments
Audi Q7 on 30-Inch WheelsContinuing our regularly scheduled program of cars that used to look good but don’t any more, we give you this Audi Q7. This SUV has been painted in an interesting candy apple red scheme and is sitting on massive color-coordinated rims. These are 30-inch Forgiato Grassettos finished in chrome with red accents. Even though... [...]
06/01/2013 18:16 Comments 0 Comments
VW Golf 7 by RDXThe seventh-generation Golf might not look much different to the one before it, but it’s a huge step in the compact car market, setting the bar higher in terms of quality and efficiency. The car has only been on the market for a couple of months, and in fact the older Golf 6 is still available. Today, we bring you one of the first aftermarket programs for the Golf 7, coming from RDX Racedesign, who have created a series of after... [...]
06/01/2013 18:16 Comments 0 Comments
Ferrari California by CDC PerformanceWhile the Ferrari California is undoubtedly a fast car, some have argued that it is not quick enough, especially compared to any of the other cars in the Italian manufacturer’s range. The power of the 4.3-liter V8 engine was increased from the factory by 30 hp, in 2012 as part of a new model-year update. St... [...]
06/01/2013 18:16 Comments 0 Comments
BMW 7-Series on 28-Inch RimsThe 1994-2001 E38 version of the BMW 7-Series was cool enough for James Bond, but the car that came after it was a real pig. The fourth-generation E65 that came after is widely accepted as one o the worst BMW designs in recent times, so we’re not really surprised you can pick one up today for very little money. Obviously, when gangsters in hoodies pick up these sorts of cars, dubious taste is going to be the norm in terms of rim... [...]
06/01/2013 18:16 Comments 0 Comments
Mercedes Citan by KTW TuningA little while ago, we showed you a van’s driver’s wet dream, the Citan 45 AMG, a workhorse powered by the new 2-liter turbo engine from the A and CLA 45 AMG. That will probably never happen, since the Citan is actually a Renault Kangoo in disguise. However, the Citan has received its first significant aft... [...]

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