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22/08/2013 16:39 Comments 0 Comments

This Is The Interior Of A Real Nissan Versa And Not A Joke

What happens when you put a swanky interior in a compact car? You end up with the most modest luxury vehicle ever.

22/08/2013 16:39 Comments 0 Comments
For decades, the import tuner scene in America was dominated by three magic letters: JDM. If you wanted a hot Japanese car, you wanted JDM parts, JDM engines, JDM style. Along the way we Americans developed our own aesthetic, and now, in a strange twist, it seems the Japanese are beginning to copy us.
22/08/2013 16:39 Comments 0 Comments


Say, remember that 736-horsepower Volkswagen Golf from a few months ago? It's okay... I guess. I say that now because I just found one that's even more psychotic.

22/08/2013 16:39 Comments 0 Comments

How Much Would It Cost To Make Your Car Fast & Furious?

Some of us drive cars that are fast. Some of us drive cars that are furious. (I've owned ones that are neither.) But it takes a lot to make a car that's both fast AND furious ? about $70,000, according to this estimate.

22/08/2013 15:39 Comments 0 Comments

This Company Will Ruin Your McLaren 12C Spider For Just $35,000

Do you own a McLaren 12C Spider ? Do you hate its subtle styling, reminiscent of classic car design of the 1960s and '70s? Great! You can pay Gemballa $35,000 to ruin it for you.

22/08/2013 15:39 Comments 0 Comments

Hennessey's Velociraptor SUV

You've always wanted a Ford Raptor, but you've had two problems with it: It isn't powerful enough and the uncovered bed doesn't provide your family and gear with the protection it so sorely needs. Well, have no fear, Hennessey have come to the rescue with this: The 600 horsepower Velociraptor SUV. Holy crap.

22/08/2013 15:39 Comments 0 Comments

Nissan GT-R

Generally, when someone puts a quarter of a million dollars into an already expensive car like a Nissan GT-R, they don't expect the car to be a cluster of shoddy work and bad decisions, which is exactly what one enthusiast is alleging against a well known tuning company.

22/08/2013 15:39 Comments 0 Comments


I've seen dozens of videos where a guy puts his mom in the passenger seat of his fast car and then scares her with it. Finally, somebody made a video where mom drives the car and scares the crap out of her son.

22/08/2013 15:39 Comments 0 Comments

The Engine Of The World's Next Fastest Car

The Bugatti Veyron Supersport has 1,200 horsepower and can go 267 MPH. The Hennessey Venom GT has 1,244 horsepower and can go 265. That's what the SSC Tuatara will have to beat when it goes into production. And with 1,350 horsepower on premium gas, it's on its way.

26/06/2013 09:01 Comments 0 Comments
The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series always generates a lot of sports betting interest – especially in the States – and the 2013 season is proving to be no exception. The action got underway in earnest back in late February and will run until November, which means there is still loads of time to place an outright bet on the winner, if you have not already done so. It makes sense to check out the odds available at the various online bookmakers, as there can be variance, and you want to get the best odds you can – plus this information will help you choose a suitable driver to bet on.

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