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2010 Aston Martin Vantage by Elite
Date 13/08/2009 18:34  Author admin  Hits 6359  Language Global

Aston Martin Vantage by Elite
Final concept images have just been released for the 2010 Aston Martin LMV/R (Le Mans Vantage Racer). Only 30 of these race cars for the street will be produced for the world. Following in the footsteps of the Ferrari Scuderia and Stradale and Lamborghini Superleggera, the Elite LMV/R is lighter than the factory Vantage due to most of the body panels being made from carbon fiber. The Scuderia, Stradale and Superleggera were built for the purists who wanted a race car for the street, a more nimble version of the production street car that they were built from. These cars aren't for everybody due to their harsher ride and loud exhaust systems. This is the company that the LMV/R will now be amongst but even more rare and special. The Superleggera's US production was 172 cars, the Ferrari Stradale seen 1,288 examples built and the Scuderia production is supposed to top out at about 1,500 cars.

Compare these production numbers to the 30 LMV/R's that will be built and you can see how special and rare the LMV/R will truly be. To take a Vantage and turn it into an LMV/R, many components are used. Here is a list of what comes standard on the LMV/R;
  • Carbon fiber body kit consisting of: front bumper with screens, visible carbon canards, visible carbon front splitter, hood, fenders (2" wider), side skirts, side skirt panels, rear quarter panel extensions (2" wider), trunk lid with visible carbon rear wing, rear bumper with visible carbon diffuser
  • Matte black 20" wheels and tires for wide body kit
  • Lowering springs
  • Big Brake kit
  • Sport muffler with tips
  • Carbon fiber engine bay kit
  • Full Alcantara interior
  • Carbon fiber interior kit
  • Serial numbered plaque (only 30 cars will be produced)
  • LMV/R matte black stripes
  • Installation and full repaint

All LMV/R's will be assembled in Florida and sent to and from the dealership that sold the car within the US. All LMV/R's will be based on 2010 Vantage's and will be very unique. The customer will order a brand new Vantage in any color offered by Aston Martin with any options. The Vantage is then picked up and sent to Florida where the work will be performed. The exterior can be painted the factory color or a custom color at an additional charge. The interior can be assembled in any color of the customers choosing since all the surfaces will be covered in new Alcantara.

Aston Martin Vantage by Elite Aston Martin Vantage by Elite
Aston Martin Vantage by Elite

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