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Custom 2004 Ford Mustang from Reifen Koch
Date 15/03/2012 12:35  Author admin  Hits 752  Language Global
Ford Mustang from Reifen KochWe don't often see Mustangs or Camaros tuned by German companies, but when we do it's usually something very special. This forth generation ‘Stang is a 2004 model, old enough not to be hot, right? Well no, not after Reifen Koch was done with it!

A lot of passion for muscle cars seems to have gone into making this thing. The Mustang has been fitted with Cevini-Bodykit, which costs around €8,000. But money is no object once you get a brand new Mustang that has Eleanor genes in it. Th... [...]

Source: autoevolution
Tags 2004 Ford Mustang Reifen Koch
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