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Brabus SLS
Date 22/02/2011 17:55  Author admin  Hits 1454  Language Global



The Geneva Motor Show is drawing closer and closer to opening its doors, and just as the sun is bright and the wintertime is as cold as the other side of the clouds, these last few days leading up to it have been all about teasers from various automakers and tuning brands.

Showing off a piece of their Geneva-bound vehicles without giving up the whole pie, German tuning firm Brabus is gearing for what appears to be a busy time in Geneva. They?ve already shown teaser images of the new Brabus Rocket, and now it looks like there may be more in store for us from the German aftermarket company.

Brabus has decided to release more images of another one of their vehicles, the Brabus SLS. Not much was shown of the Brabus SLS except that it comes with a matte gray exterior finish, which, as far as we?re concerned, is a very, very good sign.

You?ll also notice a few other elements of the car?s front side, including[...]

Source: topspeed Tuning
Tags Brabus Brabus SLS Geneva Motor Show Mercedes
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