Barely used and upgraded Koenigsegg CCX up for sale
03/01/2011 20:19 -



We’d love to have the opportunity to purchase a supercar out of what seems to be sheer boredom and then let it sit in our garage because we are too busy driving around in all of our other fantastic cars. It may seem like an unbelievable scenario, but we come across it all of the time. Our latest supercar abandonment comes as a Koenigsegg CCX that was purchased back in 2008 for about $650,000. The car is based on the first U.S. spec CCX imported into the US and is largely constructed of carbon fiber weighing in at just 2,600lbs. The owner of this vehicle didn’t even bother taking off the factory window sticker from his princely purchase. The Koenigsegg is said to have very few miles on it, with most of them attributed to the post-production tests. Seriously? Are they kidding?

Source: topspeed