BMW 1-Series Coupe by Senkyr Motorsports
03/01/2011 19:19 -



Talk about extreme tuning. We guess this is what the BMW 1-Series Coupe would look like if it needed a mouth guard. However, this BMW is not only ready to take a punch, but deliver one as well with its obvious exterior modifications and engine upgrade.

Starting off with the chassis from the E82 1-Series Coupe chassis, Senkyr Motorsports have added the same design styling to it as found on their recent package for the E92 M3 GTR. It includes a super aggressive - to put it mildly - front bumper featuring quad canards, wide front fenders, and a front mount intercooler. There are also new headlamps, new exterior mirrors, and, of course, a new set of BBS Motorsport Race wheels measuring 18×10 in the front and 18×12 in the rear. The rear also gets a new bumper and a huge wing, although it is nowhere near the size of the monstrous front end.

For the engine, the tuner is offering two turbocharged inline six-cylinder engines with a 24-valve 2xOHC, treatment landlord Motorsport intercooler, electronics BMW series, modification intercooler, and a racing exhaust. The result is an impressive 402 hp at 7200 rpm.

They can talk it up all they want, but this is a face only a mother could love.

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