MINI Clubman Cooper S Streetworker by Schmidt Revolution
03/01/2011 19:19 -



Looking like a car that?s been worked on for eye candy purposes, this MINI Cooper Clubman S may be a looker at first glance, but it actually has more to it than just its aesthetic improvements.

The car was worked on by Schmidt Revolution and features enough design upgrades that would make other MINIs blush with envy. The car, aptly named the ?StreetWorker?, already comes with an in-house John Cooper Works Aerodynamic package so that in-itself is already reason enough to enjoy this ride. But instead of settling on just that package, Schmidt Revolution add some more sizzle to an already steaming bowl of MINI goodness.


The tuning firm went to work on the car by adding a matte blue wrap with black accents. The suspension was also tinkered with, giving it a Streetec air suspension that allows the car to adjust its ride height either 60mm lower or 40mm higher than its standard format all through the push of some buttons.

But despite these changes, the car?s claim to uniqueness is the set of 18? Cirrus rims that comes with any 3D-shaped multiplex patterns in a variety of colors, be it matte blue, bright red, or even carbon black.

And if you thought that Schmidt Revolution?s work on the Clubman Cooper came sans any performance upgrades, you?ll be happy to know that the company went out of its way to tinker with the car?s turbocharged 1.6-liter engine, upping its output to 200 horsepower and 250 Nm of torque. The work on the engine now provides the car the power to hit a top speed of 137 mph as well.

We know that the car?s overall look may be an acquired taste for some ? some might even cringe at it ? but as far as we?re concerned, Schmidt Revolution?s work is ?unique? and ?different? in a good way. Kind of like how you would describe MINI.

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