Honda CR-Z by Max Racing
03/01/2011 18:17 - ??????



The Honda CR-Zwas developed predominantly to display fuel efficiency, but at the same time, it can be used as proof that a hybrid vehicle can be just as sporty as any other model on the market. Case in point is the tuning project by Honda tuner, Max Racing, revealed during the recent 2010 Super Lap Battle held in the Tsukuba circuit.


Their package starts off with suspension upgrades, bigger brakes, and a lighter set of wheels. There is also a new set of multi-spoke lightweight alloy rims painted in a black finish with a blue lip and wrapped in high-performance tires. And, since no race car is complete without it, some racing livery has been added to fully prepare the CR-Z for track use.

At the Super Lap Battle, Max Racing’s Honda CR-Z was able to run at an average of 1?12? 240 at 138.8km/h with its fastest lap being 1:11: 933 at 139.5km/h. Not bad at all considering this is a hybrid model, right?

This was just the first CR-Z prepared for the track use, as 2011 will bring a few more models to the racing scene.

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