Lamborghini Gallardo by Tecnocraft
03/01/2011 18:17 - ??????



What happens when an American tuner unleashes a whole lot of carbon fiber on an unsuspecting Italian supercar? Well, for once, disaster does not ensue. Typically, we don’t recommend anyone messing with a beauty such as the Lamborghini Gallardo, but this package by Tecnocraft is worth every penny.


Tecnocraft’s package for the Gallardo includes carbon fiber seats, wings, engine carbon panels, air box, and tons of other stuff. Rounding off the kit is a new set of wheels. The whole shebang us painted in black with yellow highlights scattered throughout.

While everything mentioned so far comes standard with the Tecnocraft package, the tuner is also offering a carbon fiber rear splitter and racing harnesses as an option. All of these carbon fiber elements help to reduce the car’s weight by an impressive 300 lbs. This is translated into better aerodynamics and improved performance. It doesn’t get much better than that. They didn’t even have to update the engine’s output because the modifications made to the exterior are more than enough!

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