VW Scirocco R by B&B
04/04/2010 22:54 - admin
VW Scirocco R by B&BTuners from B&B released their new programs for Volkswagen Scirocco R. You can choose 3 stages.

The first one is the light one. It uses slight changes to the ECU and the electronic injection. The result is 306hp. and Vmax 275km/h.

The second program goes little further by modifying the exhaust downpipe, optimizing air flows and induction, ignition and fuel injection. Top speed rises to 279 km/h and the engine power is 320hp.

Level 3 is our favorite one. It uses a special B&B turbo, new sport exhausts and air intake. All this along with the changes from the previous programs bumps up the power from the original 261hp. to 357hp. Vmax is 280km/h.

All these modifications utilize the same 2.0-litre TSI engine. Prices are €1,198 for Level 1, €2,798 for program 2 and €7,998 will cost you the most powerful level.

VW Scirocco R by B&B VW Scirocco R by B&B
VW Scirocco R by B&B VW Scirocco R by B&B