World's Fastest Porsche 911 by 9ff
03/01/2010 18:17 - admin

World's Fastest Porsche 911Porsche tuning specialist 9ff  built the world’s fastest road-going Porsche.
The record beating car is based on a regular 911 Turbo, and recently managed to hit a top speed of 391.7km/h at the ATP automotive testing circuit in Papenburg, Germany.
It has 3.6 litre flat six engine with double larger turbochargers, modified intercooler, sport cam shafts, revised ECU, high flow exhaust, sport air filters and some other small tweaks.The engine produces 1000hp @ 7800rpm and 1040 Nm.This allows the9ff’s TR-1000 to accelerate from:

9ff thinks the car could eventually beat 400 km/h with improved aerodynamics and and sport tuned suspension.
This particular car was build for 25-year-old girlfriend of a Greek millionaire and took almost 2/3 from the retail price of the base car or approximately €130,000
We will only say: Long live the girlfriends!

World's Fastest Porsche 911 World's Fastest Porsche 911
World's Fastest Porsche 911