Switzer P800 AWD Porsche 997TT
12/08/2009 22:44 - admin

Switzer P800 AWD Porsche 997TT
Switzer Performance Innovation (SPI) which is based in Oberlin, Ohio has released its performance package for the AWD Porsche 997TT. The P800 package produces 800 hp, similar output as the Switzer GT2 package that was released in June 2009.
The Switzer P800 AWD Porsche 997TT is now capable of a sub 3 seconds 0 to 60 mph and a consistent 1/4 mile.
The Switzer’s P800 997 package consists of custom GT30 turbochargers with custom billet compressor wheels on ball-bearing center sections in lightweight stainless housings, Switzer MONSTER intercoolers and Switzer DME calibrations.
Other features include Switzer’s competition-style exhaust and headers, an upgraded carbon clutch package and electronic boost control.

Switzer P800 AWD Porsche 997TT 

Switzer P800 AWD Porsche 997TT Video

Source: revmods.com