Tesla Model S Elizabeta By Larte Design
28/04/2015 01:39 - admin


While today’s market is packed with tuning shops and aftermarket suppliers, there aren’t many modified electric cars you can buy. That’s mostly because there aren’t many EVs on offer to begin with, but it’s also because most shops would rather stick to conventional vehicles. As a result, the Tesla Model S, an electric sedan of great potential, got very little attention, mainly from Saleen and Revozport, which didn’t do much as to enhance its styling. That changed recently, as Larte Design, a custom kit builder known for upgrading Infiniti, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz and Range Rover vehicles, came up with a wild-looking package for the Model S.

Dubbed Elizabeta and designed as a tribute to famed inventor Nikola Tesla, the body kit adds "lightning-like clear lines" to the Model S. [...]

Source: topspeed