Ford Racing Developing Engine Calibration for EcoBoost Engines That Won't Void the Warranty
26/04/2015 22:27 - admin


2015 Ford Mustang customers looking to tweak their ponies have plenty of options as far as aftermarket parts and updates go, one of which is the Blue Oval’s very own Racing division. Ford Racing Parts has already launched a slew of upgrades for the sixth-generation Mustang, ranging from cat-back exhausts and mufflers, for both the EcoBoost and the GT, to halfshaft kits. More parts are scheduled to become available throughout 2015, but next year is also set to bring a custom engine calibrations for the four-cylinder ’Stang. That’s great news for enthusiasts who want to add more oomph to the EcoBoost’s 310 ponies and 320 pound-feet of torque without voiding the factory warranty.[...]

Source: topspeed