HKS + GT-R = The Ultimate Driving Performance Formula For 4 Generations.
22/02/2009 18:12 - admin
Nissan GT-R
One of the first tuning companies that worked on the iconic Nissan GT-R supercar was HKS, which designed and manufactured performance packages and accessories beginning with the 1989 R32 model up to the most current R35. HKS tuning products are the result of 35 years of experience in drag and road racing, rallying and top speeds testings.

That’s the reason why when performance in the aftermarket automotive business is concerned HKS comes at the top of the list. Its latest masterpiece is the GT570 racing kit for the GT-R which is already available in the United States for $5,700 as a race-exclusive conversion package and consists of 75mm racing extension pipes, new piping for the intercooler, a revised ECU, a sequential blow-off valve kit, toughened actuators and fresh spark plugs. It will, however, be illegal for these upgrades to be installed on the GT-R as they will cause it to exceed emissions regulations in chief markets in the U.S., Japan and Europe. Fortunately, HKS knows this and has proceeded to develop a new street-legal variant of the kit. The major distinctions are new stainless-steel catalytic converter and enhanced turbo wastegate actuators. These will be available for sale later in the current year and will come at a slightly higher price tag than the racing package. Most important is that this kit will be compatible with the 2009 model year GT-R and the latest 2010 Series II units.

      Nissan GT-R R35 parts that will be available through Authorized HKS Dealers and Pro Dealers:

    •  GT570 Racing Package (OFF-ROAD USE ONLY)

    •  Legamax Premium Muffler Tig Weld Type

    •  Legamax Premium Muffler Flux Weld Type

    •  Racing Center Pipe SUS304 (Includes built-in silencer) OFF-ROAD USE ONLY

    •  Super SQV - Sequential Blow-off Valve Kit

    •  Hipermax III Sport

    •  Super Hybrid Filter

    •  Super Fire Racing Spark Plugs

    •  Superior Finisher (Stainless Steel Factory Replacement Grill for Rear Bumper) 


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