BMW 220d Cabrio With M Performance Parts
25/04/2015 19:14 - admin

The 2 Series is BMW?s venture into offering a fun, sporty, luxury ride that?s somewhat affordable. The 220d model packs a 2.0-liter turbo diesel engine under the hood, with a choice of either a two-door coupe or cabrio body style. While the base model convertible could be seen as a bit bland, all the trimmings are still available to those souls cavalier enough to take a pen to the options list. Now, it appears as though that list just got a lot bigger with a capital M.

BMW?s tuning division, BMW M GmbH, is responsible for some of the greatest Bimmers to ever touch tarmac. From the Nordschleife to the autobahn, an M badge on a BMW connotes one thing: complete seriousness about performance.[...]

Source: topspeed