BMW M4 GTS by Vorsteiner
01/10/2014 09:11 - admin


The BMW M4 is getting a lot of publicity these days. And the number of aftermarket companies that have come out of the woodwork to build programs for the new sports coupe are certainly helping build upon its popularity. Some programs are more comprehensive than others, but the point is simple; the M4 is getting a lot of love. Vorsteiner?s the latest company to take a stab at the M4. The German tuner didn?t build a kit that?s as complete as its contemporaries, but it did manage to effectively create one that improves the car?s credentials.

For this particular kit, Vorsteiner decided to add a GTS front spoiler, a GTS rear diffuser, and a set of exhaust tips. There are some graphics mixed in, too, specifically the subtle racing stripe that runs the length of the hood.

The entire program is subtle, so there’s no reason to make it more than what it is. I won’t even be surprised if this kit is just the first stage of a more elaborate program in the near future. Vorsteiner’s done something like that in the past and maybe it’s going to do it again.[...]

Source: topspeed