Audi AS5 Sportback Dark By ABT Sportsline
26/09/2014 13:09 - admin


ABT Sportsline has made a career developing programs for Audi vehicles. To this day, the German manufacturer continues to do that, none more recent than its work on the Audi A5 Sportback. The whole program is called the AS5 Sportback Dark and as you?d expect, the name alone implies that ABT Sportsline did something a little sinister to the A5.

While it would have been cool, if not downright bizarre, to say that the German tuner invoked some form of the Dark Arts to create this program, the truth is a lot simpler than that. The AS5 Sportback Dark is called such because it?s exterior is wrapped in black.

This A5 is nothing too elaborate and definitely nothing out of the ordinary, but judging the program simply because of its simplicity doesn?t do justice to the meticulous work the German tuner put into it.[...]

Source: topspeed