BMW M4 By Lightweight
26/09/2014 13:09 - admin


You know the saying ?you can?t have enough of a good thing;" that certainly applies to the BMW M4, which has become an aftermarket favorite the same way I have become a fan of Krispy Kreme?s delectable treats. Run through the number of programs we?ve covered featuring the M4 and you?ll see what I?m talking about.

The latest aftermarket company to jump on the M4?s bandwagon is Lightweight and it’s no less impressive than any other M4 program we’ve come across in the past. The German tuner specializes in personalized development and production of titanium exhaust systems and yet, that didn?t stop Lightweight from giving the M4 a comprehensive tuning kit that includes a bevy of aerodynamic and performance upgrades.

The result of the program deserves nothing short of a slow clap, the kind you give to a somebody after a stunning performance.[...]

Source: topspeed