Betting on NASCAR 2013
26/06/2013 09:01 - admin
The NASCAR Sprint Cup Series always generates a lot of sports betting interest – especially in the States – and the 2013 season is proving to be no exception. The action got underway in earnest back in late February and will run until November, which means there is still loads of time to place an outright bet on the winner, if you have not already done so. It makes sense to check out the odds available at the various online bookmakers, as there can be variance, and you want to get the best odds you can – plus this information will help you choose a suitable driver to bet on.

Just now the driver leading the field is Jimmie Johnson, and his 538 points put him 30 ahead of his nearest rival, which is reflected in his status as the bookmakers favourite at 23/10. He is certainly a strong bet, but many gambling fans don’t like to wager on the current favourite due to the low odds, so who else could be worth a shot? Matt Kenseth is second favourite with the bookies on 11/2, and sits 82 points off the lead, but he has already won three races this season – the same number as Johnson – indicating that he could have the mettle to claw this deficit back. Motor sports betting is certainly not easy, because there are factors like the cars the drivers are using to consider as well, which is why some fans prefer to get their fix of motor racing and betting via a slots game instead or actually play the best online slots at JackpotCity online casino or at any other popular casino site.

One of those motor sports themed games that they enjoy playing so much is Motor Slot Speed Machine, a five reel motor biking slots game that touches all the bases. The motor racing theme is well handled, including backdrop of a bike riding into fire (complete with speedometer and handlebars) with reels in front of it depicting images like petrol pumps, traffic lights, bike gloves and chequered flags. Thus the biking and racing elements are both there, and the bonus game puts you right in the heart of a three-bike race, further adding to the appeal for motor sports fans. However if you are more motivated by the money, then the $50,000 max jackpot on offer should be enough to satisfy you.