I Drove An Ariel Atom Killer Built From Spare Parts
25/04/2013 21:26 - admin

Bits of rubber and gravel rocks are pelting me. The January cold is mercilessly whipping me from head to toe. Tears are streaming down my face. All of the sudden, that Top Gear episode where Clarkson has his face ripped off by an Ariel Atom is profoundly less funny. I'm riding shotgun in one of the wildest vehicles you'll ever see, and my only thought is one usually reserved for triathletes and WWI fighter pilots: "Damn, I really wish I would have worn goggles."

What in the world is this thing? It's certainly not some backyard spit-mobile thrown together by a kid with a pint of Jack and a MIG welder. No, this is a legitimate automobile, carefully assembled by master fabricator and BMW technician Mike O'Mara, who calls this feral beast "The Coyote."

"We got so sick of people talking about that honey badger YouTube video," Mike told me before we went out on a test drive, "Everyone was saying 'Oh, the honey badger don't care about this!' and ?Oh the honey badger don't care about that!' We looked it up online and do you know what honey badgers hate? Coyotes."[...]

Source: jalopnik