FAB Design Maybach in Monaco
30/01/2009 14:44 - admin
The Middle East and the Mediterranean are home to some of the most powerful and luxurious cars ever built but like everywhere else, the regions are subject to owners who have too much money and bad taste. The following FAB Design cars were spotted outside a local hotel in Monaco and they help to illustrate the battle between taste and tacky quite nicely.

While the Maybach 57 wasn't exactly pretty to begin with, Swiss tuner FAB Design has managed to push this particular car's styling from mediocre to appalling. The company apparently decided that Maybachs weren't sporty enough and found the quickest way to rectify this was to add vents everywhere, even where they don't make sense. Up front there is a massive and similarly tacky bumper treatment while out back there's a slightly reworked rear bumper that might actually look somewhat decent.

Another example of FAB Design's work can be seen in the picture of the Mercedes CL. Obviously a bad body kit is part of the package and the wheels are there to grab attention but somehow compared to the Maybach, the CL seems almost normal.

Source: worldcarfans.com