BMW E91 M3 Touring by Jon Sibal
30/01/2009 14:17 - admin

Remember when you were a kid, your teacher rambling on about fractions and short division, while you were overly focused on penciling your dream car onto that scratch piece of paper?  Years later, in your first move out of your parent’s house, you find those papers, only to realize you were quite adept at drawing cheese wedges with wheels?  While that may be the reason I write about cars, rather than design them, an artist named Jon Sibal has taken this time honored tradition to a new plateau.  Pictures available after the jump.

There is much anticipation surrounding BMW’s E91 M3 touring, which should hopefully be announced soon enough, but Mr. Sibal couldn’t resist making this wait seem longer than it already did.  He’s done a stunning job digitally rendering a very believable account of how the beastly grocery getter should look, and my god it’s beautiful.

Imagine being able to stow your golf clubs, bike, and luggage in the back, while having room in the rear seat for your beloved dog, and, with the help of the 400+hp V8, you’ll get to your destination faster and smoother than ever before.  Then, next weekend, you’ll be able to take it to your local track and leave most envious of the car’s performance.  This IS my dream car (as well as Mr. Sibal’s), so hurry up BMW, and make this a reality.  You’ve sold at least two already.

Jon did do a few visual and performance modifications to his E91, here’s the list straight from his website:

Pepper White with Satin finish paint job.

bmw-e91-m3-wagon-back-rear bbs-mags-black-wheels-m3 bmw-e91-m3-engine