Corvette ZR700 whith 705 HP tuning by Hennessey
29/01/2009 16:47 - admin
Corvette by Hennessey
America has the the most powerful supercar, the Corvette ZR1. The ZR1 ruled for several months, and already have tuners in engine power, even to absurd levels. Hennessey is the latest creation, called ZR700 for 755hp (526kW) production is a perfect example.

Blowing through quarter miles 11-03 seconds, only 136 mph (219 kph), with a 67hp (50 kW) growth stocks ZR1 on the 638hp (476kW), a powerful ZR700-717lb ft (970Nm) of torque that the car is quite low by the end bite.

Hennessey has the power of inspiration impressively LS9 dying to strengthen more and more of overeating 3psi to 14psi, the opening of admission with a K & N air filter, installing a new interim heads of bolting the exhaust system of stainless steel , and replace the stock catalytic converters greater flow of units, all filled with an ECU tune. The pieces to build your own ZR700 will be available in kit correspondence from May - just add a donor ZR1.

This amendment provides an impressive list of performance figures: 3.1 seconds from 0 to 60 mph, 13.9 seconds from 0 to 150 mph and an estimated speed of 212 mph. These represent improvements of 0.7 seconds in the dash from 0 to 60 mph, a huge saving of 3.2 seconds (18.7%) from 0 to 150 mph time and an increase of approximately 10 mph speed edge, where the stock ZR1 is electronically limited.

For those crazy enough to think that not enough cars ZR700, the ZR750 is also at work, adding a red line 200rpm higher (up to 6600rpm), broadband equipment cylinder heads, camshafts improve , and other settings to tweak 755hp (563kW) and 730lb-ft (988Nm) of torque from 6 2 L V8.

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