BMW M3 E92 tuning by IndingPower
29/01/2009 15:07 - admin
IndingPower BMW M3
We present you the new tuning package for BMW M3 E92 from IndingPower. Even if you wanted to, you couldn't miss the airplane-sized wing that is part of IdingPower's aero kit for the BMW M3.

The IdingPower BMW M3 E92 immediately captures all the attention with the oversized rear wing, and although the M3 could use some extra downforce on the rear axle, we think this is a bit too much. Even for a drag strip. We can't imagine how you'll be able to go unnoticed past police cars with this wing. Aside from the massive rear wing, the Japanese firm's tuning kit includes a front lip spoiler, new alloy wheels, a sport exhaust system as well as suspension and brake upgrades. The IdingPower BMW M3 E92 also comes with suspension and brakes upgrades and a new exhaust system.