Nissan GT-R by Vivid Racing
25/06/2012 20:59 - admin
Nissan GT-R by Vivid Racing

Sometimes, it’s easy to get caught up with all the tuning programs being done on the 2013 Nissan GT-R. But other times, the hype is certainly warranted because you end up with an undoubted gem.

US tuner Vivid Racing managed to build an aftermarket GT-R program that fits that bill. The aesthetic and aerodynamic modifications weren’t that extensive and are limited to a new Super Silver paint finish, a new set of 21" tinted brushed MHT Niche SPA 3-piece super concave wheels, and a KW Variant 3 Coil Spring Kit that gives the GT-R better handling and maneuverability.

Where Vivid Racing nailed it is in the performance upgrade. Already sporting 542 horsepower under its hood, the US tuner worked on reprogramming Godzilla’s ECU unit while also adding a new Agency Power Titanium exhaust system and a specially customized titanium cutback.[...]

Source: topspeed