DMC creates mini-LP670-4 SV rear wing for Gallardo LP560
21/06/2012 17:03 - admin
DMC Gallardo

One only has to look at the various one-off Pagani Zonda?s to know that when enough cash is on the table, consumers can almost bend car manufacturers to produce custom components and cars at their will. Of course, that doesn?t seem to be the case for Lamborghini.

A Chinese customer is reported to have approached Lamborghini to have an LP670-4 SV wing attached to his Gallardo LP560-4 but interestingly, Lamborghini refused to make the install despite decent money being on the table.

On one hand this does surprise us as installing the SV wing on a Gallardo shouldn’t be all that strenuous but on the other hand, Lamborghini clearly doesn?t like the recycle components from model to model even if it is on a customer?s request.[...]

Source: topspeed