Video: Global RallyCross is an Awesomeness Injection for the Racing Soul
21/06/2012 17:03 - admin

Remember the days when car racing was "Car Racing". The rules were loosely written and even looser followed, and it was considered more entertainment than sport. Those were the good old days, when the purpose was to build a car faster than the others and hire a driver that can keep the thing on the tarmac. Those days all went away in the 1980s, as all of the major professional racing circuits ? NASCAR, Indy, F1, NHRA ? turned these entertainment spectacles into damn sporting events.

While we love our sports ? I for one am obsessed with NFL football ? the turning of driving a car fast into a sport led to the injection of fairness and parity. This led to restrictor plates, horsepower limits, and barred modifications. It even led to drivers starting to whine and boo-hoo about a little paint scraping? Well, if you are ready to see some racing in its truest form, take a look-see at the Global RallyCross Championship.[...]

Source: topspeed