Mercedes SLS AMG Haute Couture by Inden Design
21/06/2012 15:02 - admin
Mercedes SLS AMG by Inden Design

The Mercedes SLS AMG may have been replaced by the faster SLS AMG GT, but tuners are still having their way with the supercar. The latest tuning package is from Inden Design, and they’ve even included a beautiful young lady to the mix.

Inden Design didn’t play around too much with the design of the car, but they did add a new set of 21" light metal rims painted in high-gloss black. The only other change, and the biggest, is the engine modification. The tuner added a serially produced exhaust system in high-grade steel in non-ostentatious visual appearance with electronic valve control. As a result, the V8’s output has been increased from 571 to 623 HP, making it even more powerful than the SLS AMG GT.[...]

Source: topspeed