Lamborghini Aventador Triangle by German Special Customs
01/06/2012 22:16 - admin
Lamborghini Aventador Triangle by German Special Customs

We may not have been familiar with these guys before, but German Special Customs is doing a pretty fine job in getting some serious attention.

The German tuning company has already been featured twice recently with their works on the Mercedes CLS63 AMG and the Lamborghini Aventador. But apparently, those two are only the beginning of what looks like a ridiculous new line-up of tuning projects. Not content with just one program for the mighty Italian supercar, GSC has come up with another one, called the Triangle.

We’re not exactly sure what the logic behind the name is, but the custom Italian specialist’s program will make us forget the name. Similar to the Aventador Estatura GXX, the Aventador Triangle comes with a fresh new body kit that, while a little more subdued than the Estatura, is still one that adds a whole new dynamic to the Aventador.

The carbon fiber body kit includes a new front bumper, a new rear bumper, wider side skirts, a modified bonnet, a huge rear wing, and a new titanium exhaust system.[...]

Source: topspeed