Idingpower F460 GT
15/01/2009 21:57 - admin

Another crazy Japanese tuning company to show their product at the 2009 Tokyo AutoSalon are Iding power. They may sound new to you and I but they have in fact been round for a while, tuning BMW’s and Ferrari’s, this is their first Ferrari for almost 11 years. Their F460 GT is certainly unique, for starters the spoiler looks to be attached to the structure of the car! The reason for the name ‘F460’ is because the engine has been bored out to 4.6litres instead of the standard 4.3litre unit that you get in the standard car. As a result of this it now puts out 508bhp (515PS) and 479Nm of Torque. This should mean it’s good for over 200mph (320kph) and 0-62mph (0-100kph) in 3.8 seconds....