Mercedes CLS63 AMG Stealth by German Special Customs
15/05/2012 20:01 - admin
Mercedes CLS63 AMG by German Special Customs

The Mercedes CLS 63 AMG has been the subject of many tuning programs from some of the best tuners on the market.

Having said that, one lesser known tuning company may have upstaged them all. This is the work of German Special Customs, or GSC for short. It’s called the Mercedes CLS 63 AMG Stealth and if looks could really kill, then prepare to start writing the obituaries.

The body kit includes a number of new components for the German sports luxury car, including the addition of a new front apron with enormous air intakes. There’s also a new spoiler lip, a blacked out grille, a vented hood, flared wheel arches, aggressive side skirts, a rear diffuser, and a new rear spoiler. Putting on the finishing touches on what has to be one of the most aggressive body kits fitted into a CLS 63 AMG is a stealth matte gray finish that only adds to sports luxury sedan’s insane aggressiveness.[...]

Source: topspeed