Nissan GT-R Stage Five by JoTech and HRE Wheels
11/05/2012 20:41 - admin
Verde Ithaca Nissan GT-R on HRE wheels If the Nissan GT-R can be criticized for one thing, it’s its styling. Sure, the GT-R may be one of the fastest accelerating and cornering cars on the planet, but it definitely doesn’t host those classic supercar lines which are typically the core ingredient that make a supercar what it is. As we’re sure you know, the GT-R is significantly narrower and taller than anything offered by Ferrari, Lamborghini, and even Porsche (Cayenne excluded, obviously), but the bright-green pictured here does not conform with that rule in the slightest sense. This 942 horsepower beast is one of the most customized GT-R’s out there, with the wide-body kit finally giving the GT-R the true supercar proportions it’s always needed. No details have been released about who created the wide wheel arches as it could have a custom one-off job by a fanatical owner, or a relatively mainstream tuner displaying their prowess of what could become a kit available to other GT-R owners

Source: topspeed