Lamborghini Aventador "Rabbioso" by Wheelsandmore
10/05/2012 19:29 - admin
Lamborghini Aventador  Rabbioso  by Wheelsandmore

Wheelsandmore has done it again.

Not that we should be surprised considering the talents of these guys, but when they decided to put their German tuning talents to good use and work one of the finest Italian supercars on the planet, we have to give kudos where they are due.

The car we’re talking about is the Lamborghini Aventador and Wheelsandmore gave it quite the modification, even calling it the "Rabbioso," which apparently means ’angry’ when translated to English. Quite the description, huh?

First up on Wheelsandmore’s Rabbioso program is the car’s revamped looks, which features a new Mocha Brown paint finish, complete with a new set of 20" 6Sporz ² forged wheels wrapped in 355/25/21 Pirelli tires. The rims also carry the same mocha-brown finish and are complemented by a matte black wheel center.[...]

Source: topspeed