Ferrari 599-VX Coupe by Vorsteiner
26/04/2012 22:58 - admin
Ferrari 599-VX Coupe by Vorsteiner

Last year, American tuner Vorsteiner presented a package for the Ferrari 599 called the "599-VX." Fast forward to today and they’ve come out with a new program for the mighty Italian supercar, only this time they chose to name it the "599-VX Coupe."

While not as audacious as their previous program, the 599-VX Coupe still features a host of new aerodynamic improvements, including the extensive use of carbon fiber on the entire body kit, shaving off 70% of the weight that the replaced stock components would have otherwise carried.

For the kit, Vorsteiner is offering a new font bumper fascia, an integrated chin spoiler, a new bonnet with carbon fiber vents, side sill extension blades, and a rear bumper fascia with an integrated rear diffuser. Rounding out the program is a stainless steel race exhaust system with brushed tips and a new set of 1-piece forged Monoblock wheels that Vorsteiner specifically made for the Ferrari 599.[...]

Source: topspeed