Make Your Car Sound Like a Lamborghini Gallardo for only 99 [Videos]
14/04/2012 03:12 - admin
Make Your Car Sound Like a Lamborghini GallardoTrue, there are some ways to make your car's engine sound more sonorous, but there's really so much you can do for example to a Chevy Aveo or a Toyota Prius.

Furthermore, with a starting price of 99 cents, 2XCL Games' new XLR8 (get it; accelerate) sounds like a sweet bargain compared to the cost(s) of an actual mechanical component.

The XLR8 is an app available for Apple's iPhone and iPad as well as Android phones and tablets that promises to make your vehicle sound like an exotic Italian supercar, a muscle car or even a racing model.

After you download the application and place the phone in your vehicle, you simply connect the device to the audio system and you're ready to go ? just don?t forget to roll up your windows?[...]

Source: Carscoop