BMW M3 by VF Engineering and European Auto Source
22/03/2012 01:24 - admin
BMW M3 by VF Engineering and European Auto Source

Say you already have a BMW M3 that packed serious tuning enhancements in the form of VF Engineering’s VF620 program; that doesn’t mean that your car can’t have any else done.

This particular M3, re-dubbed as the "Orange Fever," was initially given the aforementioned VF620 Supercharger System, one that gave it an astounding 620 horsepower. But now that the car has logged over 70,000 miles, it’s only fitting for it to be re-tuned. Thanks to VF Engineering and European Auto Source, the Orange Fever was given an updated ECU unit, an LCI taillight conversion, and Macht Schnell Competition spacers, resulting in an increased output of 643 horsepower.

Additionally, the car was given matte black carbon fiber aerodynamic panels from noted German tuner Vorsteiner that includes a carbon front bumper, trunk diffuser, and exhaust system. Last, the Orange Fever was fitted with a new set of 20" Radenergie R7 wheels.[...]

Source: topspeed