Lamborghini Gallardo Twin-Turbo by Heffner Performance and ZR Auto Group
18/02/2012 04:07 - admin
Lamborghini Gallardo by Heffner Performance

We don’t hear a lot about Heffner Performance, but when these guys do hit the news, they certainly know how to make some serious noise, even more so when folks like ZR Auto take their hands on one and re-build a mouth-watering Lamborghini Gallardo to insane levels.

This particular Gallardo actually had some mileage under it with a Heffner twin-turbo system already installed. But the owner apparently has some insatiable thirst for more power so he sent the car back to be given even more juice. Working with ZR Auto, the owner wanted to get a new motor because the original OEM fuel injectors and stock bumps have been used to oblivion, resulting in a number of burnt cylinders.

The Gallardo was disassembled and freshened up with a new motor as the OEM fuel injectors and stock pumps had become clogged which resulted in multiple burnt cylinders.[...]

Source: topspeed