Ferrari 458 Italia by Prindiville Design
26/01/2012 01:30 - admin
Ferrari 458 Italia by Prindiville Design

It’s been ages since we last heard from Prindiville Design, but they sure did pick an opportune time to return to the tuning scene with a bang.

The London-based bespoke coach builder has released tuning programs for the Lamborghini Aventador, Range Rover Evoque, and Ferrari 458 Italia, the last of which comes in three different forms.

Called the S1, S2, and S3 packages, these three tuning programs for the Italian supercar comes with styling characteristics unique to its own. The S1 program, which features a red 458 Italia, comes with a carbon fiber body kit that includes a front bumper with stainless steel mesh grills, side skirts, a new rear bumper, mirror covers, rear tailgate vents, a rear spoiler, a roof air duct, and a new set of Prindiville alloy wheels. The S1 program will be limited to only 25 units, making it a true must-grab for 458 Italia owners everywhere.

Next up is the S2 program that’s displayed in the silver 458 Italia. Carrying all the aerodynamic components of the S1, the S2 differentiates itself with the addition of a top carbon fiber wing and air vent grills. Likewise, the S3 program - that’s the orange 458 Italia if you’re keeping score - also has its own distinct styling flavor. On top of the aero body kit, the S3 program carries a carbon fiber lower front lip spoiler, top air vent grills, and carbon fiber rear grills. Just like their S1 counterpart, both the S2 and the S3 programs are only limited to 25 units a piece. We’d tell you that they’re also equal must-haves, but we think you know that already.[...]

Source: topspeed